Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V(GTA 5)



Grand Theft Auto V originally released in September 2013 is 3D offline/online open world game available in single player story mode and online multiplayer mode.

The game became wildly popular on all supported platforms(Xbox, PlayStation, PC) in it's early days and even now in 2018 it's popularity is growing.

There are different reasons why GTA V become such popular including fully 3D huge open world available in HD ready to be explored, you're not limited, you can do practically anything you would do in real life.

Another great reason why all gamers loves GTA V is it's variety of characters and storylines, not yet seen in previous GTA games.
You can be the gangster of your choice and do the stuff your way.

Later added feature skyrocket GTA's popularly as multiplayer mode was introduced.
With the players from all countries and regions, and fully unlocked, open world you have endless possibilities. Isn't it great to do what you have always dreamed of? Of course it is!

GTA 5 for mobile

GTA 5 in mobile

GTA 5 in mobile

GTA 5 in Android HTC smartphone
Mobile gamers have been wanting GTA 5 for mobile for the decades. In fact from the day it was released.
But to be real here, old feature phones couldn't run such significant games.

After massive manufacturing of iPhones and Android OS smartphones many people believe they could play GTA 5 on mobile and tablet devices but RockStar Games never released it for Android.
The best Android and iOS gamers got from RockStar was GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City.

Mobile smartphones simply hadn't enough memory and power to run GTA 5, no matter what.
This monstrous game is nearly 70Gb for PC and in its early days of launching for Windows and MacOS most available mid-range PCs couldn't also run it.

After many requests and questions from mobile users to Rockstar, the developer stated thay "may" release GTA 5 for Android/iOS in somewhere 2021.
Of course they will not bother to make GTA for Windows Phone as the OS doesn't have much powerful devices and in 2017 it was officially dead(unfortunately!).

But the story doesn't have so sad ending(at least for Android users), it's 2018 and we may be 3 years away from RockStars promise, but Android gamers & developers have worked hard to bring you GTA 5 apk to enjoy it in your Android smartphone, tablet and smart TV/TV box.

Yes, with any Bluetooth/USB controllers you can play GTA 5 Android even in your TV and you don't need to worry about network as it does not require active internet connection.
For sure, you can use your cloud account to play online and synchronise your progress across different Android devices.
Another way to play GTA 5 on mobile is via remote play but this method isn't very popular as it requires you to have GTA V on your PC installed and running and high speed internet connection in both devices - Android and PC.

In this case you actually play the game in your computer and simply use your phone as monitor and controller, not very comfortable, right?
Not very practical but you can have some fun for first time if you're very eager playing Grand Theft Auto V on your mobile.

And good news for iPhone & iPad users, this method works fine for iOS too and you don't need latest iDevice to use it.
RockStar have taken it too far when they stated 2021 as GTA 5 mobile version expected release date, it's 2018 now and we already have Android phones with 6Gb RAM and 21nm powerful CPUs.

While Apple still likes keeping its devices hardware low and latest iPhone X have only 3Gb RAM and quad-core processor, latest Android devices already are powerful enough to run such heavy games like GTA 5 and memory is no longer big problem as there are many devices with fast 256Gb internal storages.

Another big game changer is Razer Phone as big gaming company stepped in smartphones world and is looking to change it's trajectory forever.
Galaxy S9 and Pixel 2 XL also having major role of taking mobile smartphones to completely new level.

With today's smartphones popularity and super fastest growing market it's not secret that we will see phones as powerful as modern gaming PCs and more rich and hi-quality games.

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